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Winding Sticks - Wenge & Curly Maple

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Winding sticks are possibly the simplest tools in your tool chest, however, the job they do is invaluable. Place one stick either end of your board, sight down the centre and they will detect and exaggerate any wind (twist) in the board. If the top of both sticks are parallel to one another then your board is good, the contrasting hardwood inlays will help expose any wind.

Why wooden sticks over metal? Wooden sticks are superior to their extruded counterparts, in the unfortunate event you were drop one, unalike a metal stick, these will not bend rendering them useless. Yes, they may get a dent or chip if you drop them, but this will only add character, or if inclined you could run a hand plane over them.

- Length available in approximately 18 & 24 inches .
- Made from kiln dried wenge.
- Clear contrasting curly maple inlays on both sticks.
- Tapered base for added stability.
- Danish oil finish to aid longevity.

Wenge (weng-gay) is a tropical timber, very dark in color with a distinctive figure and a strong partridge wood pattern.

Note: listing is for one pair (two sticks). Please allow 3-4 weeks for dispatch.

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